Obedience Training

Jagger’s Doggie Daycare is happy to announce that Austin Todd of Rising Sun Canine Training offers individual and group training lessons at Jagger’s during the week.

Austin has multiple years of experience and a great reputation for successfully training hundreds of dogs in southern Illinois.  His positive reviews on Google speak for themselves, as customers are very satisfied with the results they have seen with their pet through training with him.  In fact, Austin is willing to “Guarantee” that you will see results, or your money back.  He is also a Veteran, having served five years in the U.S. Marines.  Therefore, he offers a discount to Veterans and First Responders.

Do you have a dog that needs to learn some manners?  Is your dog impossible to walk on a leash, wants to jump on you and everyone else, barks constantly, or gets aggressive around food or toys?  These are just some of the many behavior issues that we can help you correct with your pet.  Our training program is much more than learning to “sit,” “wait,” “lay down” or “come when called.”  We help you properly handle your dog so that you can take your dog out in public, in places like Rural King or Home Depot, where you can shop without any behavior issues.   In other words, training by Austin Todd of Rising Sun Canine, is training for the REAL WORLD.

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