Doggie Grooming Services

What’s better than picking up a happy dog from a day of play? Picking up a clean and happy dog from a day of play! We provide nail trimming and bathing services that keep your pup looking and smelling their best. Bathing them on your own is often time-consuming, exhausting, messy, and stressful for you and your four-legged family member. Rather than trying to do the job yourself after a long, tiring day, why not let us take care of it during your dog’s stay?

With dog grooming areas specially designed for your pup’s comfort, we can take this off your to-do list. Adding a bath to your pup’s stay lets you cuddle with a squeaky-clean pup when you get home.

Jagger’s Doggie Daycare offers dog grooming services including Full Grooms, Sanitary Trims, DeShed Treatments, Bathing Services, Nail Trims/Nail Grinds and Teeth Brushing for dogs of all sizes and breeds from throughout southern Illinois.  We have (3) grooming personnel to service your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

The State of Illinois requires all dog owners to have their dog vaccinated for Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper.  Beyond that, we don't require anything else for "grooming only," that has the dog in and out quickly.  But, if your dog is going to stay and interact with other dogs for Daycare or Boarding, then yes, we will require proof of Bordetella (Kennel Cough) as well.  While we no longer require Canine Flu vaccine, we still strongly recommend it, and we have our own dogs vaccinated for Canine Flu, too.

Yes, we groom every breed and every size of dog. 

Yes, we do walk-in nail trims and we can also do nail grinding with a Dremel, if necessary.

Walk-in nail trims are $7.00 for a small dog, and $10.00 for a large dog.  Grinding is a little extra, if needed or requested.

Depending upon the size of the dog, and the length & thickness of the coat, it could be anywhere from $25, $35, $45, or more for a bath and nail trim.  Some dogs with a longer, thicker coat, will require more of a brush-out than other dogs, requiring more time and cost.  We also offer higher-end specialty baths such as a DeShed Treatment that would cost a little more.  Our DeShed Baths have amazing results on any breed of dog that tends to shed.  It helps to reduce the amount of hair that is shed around your house.  Ask us for details on how we can make your dog look it's very best.

Yes, at Jagger's we offer teeth brushing as an option, or stand-alone service for $7.00 to $10.00 depending upon the size of the dog.  We are one of the few local facilities to offer this service.

It is a variable range of prices, depending upon the breed of dog, size of dog, length of the coat, condition of the coat, and behavior of the dog.  Prices start at $35 for a full groom on some smaller breeds. Medium, Large, adn Extra-Large dogs woud be more. Call us for a more accurate quote.  The Price quoted is subject to change, upon inspection of the dog’s coat. 

Yes, we groom both of those breeds and others like them.  The cost involved depends upon the condition of the coat and the length of time we spend on it.

That is a time-consuming process to safely remove, bathe, brush, dry, and cut/trim.  Again, the price will depend upon the size of the dog and condition of the coat.  But any dog that has matts and/or cocka burrs will add cost to the grooming.  Matting is actually a safety issue.  Dogs with thick, long hair that are not properly brushed and groomed regularly can develop serious health issues, due to infections.  Regular brushing and grooming is strongly recommended by veterinarians.

Yes, we do specialty cuts all the time.  Teddy bear cut, Lion cut, Kennel cut, Poodle cut, Lamb cut, and many more.  We cut and trim to your specifications.  Every customer is different, with different preferences.  Our policy is to please you.

Yes, we have a De-Shed shampoo and bathing process, which also includes specialty brushing to help remove unwanted hair, and limit the shedding process.

Yes, we can.  Many times, the skin irritation is caused by the shampoo you might be using at home, or the food/diet that they are eating (including certain table scraps).  We can talk to you about this and provide a shampoo experience to improve the skin irritation.  You might also talk to your veterinarian.

Absolutely not, no way!  Those plastic collars are a nuisance in our environment.  They will likely get tugged and pulled off by playful dogs and we do not want to be responsible for them, so leave your Soresto collars at home.  If your dog shows up wearing a Seresto collar, YOU will have to remove it and take it with you, or your dog cannot stay with us.