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Dog Grooming


Jagger's Doggie Daycare offers DeShed Treatments, Bathing Services and Nail Trims/Nail Grinds for dogs of all sizes and breeds from throughout southern Illinois.  We also offer limited "cutting" of hair (grooming) such as sanitary trim, paw pad trims, thining out of hair, etc..  For more complicated full body grooming needs, we are happy to refer you to some qualified LOCAL Grooming Shops who have been in business for a long time.  These are local people who have lived here many years, not a transplant outsider who is here today and gone tomorrow. Each of these groomers below will be HONEST and fair with you, and take care of your dog with the cut & style you request.

Bark at the Moon Dog Salon........(618) 315-7341
Kingdom Pets................................(618) 731-1871
Janet's All Breed Dog Salon........(618) 244-5466
ABC Pet Grooming.......................(618) 242-0060
Pampered Paws (Salem)..............(618) 267-9038
Canine & Kitty City (Salem).........(618) 548-5440
Doggie Den (Centralia).................(618) 533-2308

Remember, if you need a Bath or Nail Trim/Nail Grind or DeShed Treatment, call Jagger's at (618) 316-7021 and we can get you in quickly.



At Jagger's, we offer bathing as an option when you "board" your dog with us while you are out of town. Come see us at 414 Main Street in Mount Vernon, or Call (618) 316-7021 to make an appointment for dog bathing services.   If you are a first-time customer (not yet in our system) you can create a profile and register below.




At Jagger's, we care about health & safety. We have Commercial Air Purification units throughout our facility to keep the air clean and safe for your dog.  Discover the Jagger's difference.

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Each photo on this website and on our Facebook page are original photos taken by Jagger's.  We own the rights to each photo.  Any unauthorized use of any photo without permission is strictly prohibited.

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