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Dog Training

Jagger's Features Veteran Expert Who Brings High-Level Dog Training to the Area


Jagger’s Doggie Daycare has partnered with All American K9 Academy to provide ongoing dog training at our facility.  This high-quality instruction and learning is led by Jim Staats, an AKC certified trainer, who has many years of experience with Service dogs, and also owns a Service dog himself. Jim is retired from the U.S. Army, and has an incredible story to share with our customers, as you can read his comments below.


“As a retired U.S. Army Scout serving in Bosnia, Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan I am combat veteran and   Purple Heart Recipient   who has seen first-hand the power and capabilities of dogs,” said Staats.   “I have witnessed their strength in a combat environment to the care and security they provide to veterans and first responders who have difficulties in their every day lives. I am one of you, and I have made it my mission to provide the same help I have received through the power of service dogs.”


In addition to the All American K9 Academy, Staats has a non-profit organization known as “Warrior Dogs,” which is geared specifically to Veterans and First-Responders who are in need of a Service dog.  His knowledge and passion for dogs is a huge asset to many people in our area. Several pet owners have already seen great results through training appointments with Jim. Many have already passed Level-1 Training and earned CGC Certification (Canine Good Citizen) by the AKC.  Several dogs and their owners have moved on to Level-2 Training to enable their dog to become a Therapy Dog, or just an even better pet.  Watch the Video Below:

Level-2 Therapy Training Class Learns at Local Hospital


“The creation of All American K9 Academy and Warrior Dogs is a combination of my personal experiences, years of training, and my desire to help both dogs and their handlers,” said Staats.  “I’ve always had a fondness for dogs and we had several of them as I grew up.  As a young soldier in the Army, I became aware of the many capabilities of dogs in many different capacities. After leaving the military I was exposed to service animals and the impact they have on the daily lives of those who need them. Well trained dogs can change lives in many ways. It was this exposure that prompted me to begin down my journey to become an AKC certified trainer/tester and the creation of these two organizations. It has always been important to me to try to make the world a better place.” 




Dog Training lessons with Jim Staats of All American K9 Academy are available each week at Jagger's Doggie Daycare, which is the only facility in Mt Vernon to offer this high-quality instruction.  Jim is offering group classes as well as 1-on-1 classes, depending upon the dog and the situation. Group class meets once per week.  Due to high demand, a second group class has also been added.  Private 1-on-1 training is available through the week, by appointment.  Emphasis of the detailed training ranges from dog psychology, manners, energy control, socialization, proper handling skills, loose leash walking, distance, distraction, duration, AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep and Testing.  Specific issues can be addressed directly including fear, anxiety, jumping, leash pulling, aggression, prepping for a new baby/child and so much more.

Lessons and training are now offered for:
Basic Obedience Training in 3 different levels
AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Classes and Testing
AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep and Testing
Angel Therapy Dogs
ESA Dog Groups
Service Dog Groups

If you are interested in this high level of dog training and expertise, click below to fill out the inquiry form, and submit it.

If you believe you already know what you want and need, you can begin a direct purchase of training lessons at this link:

If you are a Military Veteran in need of a Service Dog, CLICK BELOW to learn more about the "Warrior Dogs" program:


Watch Short VIDEO Demonstration Below:



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