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Dog Grooming Request

Dog Grooming Request List:


The Governor has allowed Jagger's and other groomers to begin offering DOG GROOMING services again as of May 1st.  Since we were closed 5 weeks, a LOT of area dogs need groomed. To organize our appointment requests, Jagger's is giving you an opportunity to get your dog on our list of "people requesting dog grooming services."   Please answer all of the questions below and provide all your contact information so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.  We will work through the list as quickly and efficiently as we can. Thanks for your patience during this crazy time!
Jagger's is looking to bring on a THIRD groomer to help us get through our waiting list in a timely manner.

Dog Owner's Name
Your Dog's Name
Your Dog's Breed and Weight
Age of your dog?
Your Address & City
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Grooming Services Requested? Full Groom, Bath & Brush Out, Sanitary Trim, Nail Trim etc.?
If Full Groom is Requested, can you describe style and length of cut you desire?
Have you been to Jagger's for Grooming Before?
Regardless where it was, How long ago was your last Grooming Service?
Is your dog current on Shots/Vaccinations?
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