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Groomer Wanted

Are you an experienced Dog Groomer?  Are you not being compensated properly for your talent? 

Do you want to work at one of the busiest dog facilities in southern Illinois, that pays the highest financial compensation for your talent?

Can you professionally groom both LARGE and SMALL dogs, including a variety of breeds?

Perhaps you are a self-employed dog groomer who is tired of paying the high overhead of running a business, including, rent, electricity, water, advertising, insurance, internet, phone, self-employment taxes, etc.  You could easily be making MORE money working for us, and reduce a lot of headaches and stress in your life associated with being self-employed and paying self-employment tax and social security tax working out of your home.  You are much better off working for someone else who can provide you with regular, steady payroll checks and take away the tax burden and overhead on yourself.  (Self-employed groomer's workng out of their home are also more likely to be audited.)


Do you have your own grooming tools, including clippers, blades, scizzors, combs, brushes, etc.?

NOTE:  We provide you with a grooming table, bathing tub, towels, blow dryers, shampoo, water, electricity, advertising and an impressive steady stream of dog owners/clients.  We will keep you as BUSY as you want to be, and you can likely set your own hours and days as we are Open 7 days a week.

If you are interested, answer the questions below and submit them, PLUS please send us an email, along with a portfolio (photos) of your work, as well as professional business references who can confirm and document your previous dog grooming experience.  This job is NOT for beginners or trainees.  We are looking for the best, and we PAY for the best.

Email us your previous grooming photos and documented experience/refrences to:  jaggersdoggiedaycare@gmail.com 

City and Zip
Phone Number
Email Address
Do you have professional dog grooming experience?
Where have you worked as a dog groomer?
Do you own your dog grooming tools?
Where and how did you learn your grooming skills?
Are you available to groom on any day of the week?
Do you have photos of your work (portfolio)?
Please provide professional references with their contact information.
Can you pass a criminal background check?
Do you have a vehicle, driver's license, and car insurance?
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