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CBD Oil & CBD Treats

Jagger's is an authorized dealer/retailer for PAWSE brand CBD OIL, and CBD Treats in addition to SOURCE brand Salve, and Lip Balm.  We have product IN-STOCK.  If your dog suffers from Separation Anxiety, Fear, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Seizures, Tumor Growth, or Nausea, CBD Oil might be the answer for your dog.  Putting a few drops on a piece of bread is an easy way give it to your dog.  The 150mg strength for small dogs is just $34.95 and the 600mg strength for large dogs is $52.95

The CBD Treats are available in a small "Trial Size" bag for $11.99 or the large bag for $29.95 and dogs love the flavors, which include Rabbit, Duck, Chicken, and Beef.  They are a great way to "calm" your dog down a little before a car ride, trip to the Veterinarian or dog groomer, or other activity that creates anxiety or nervousness.

We have CBD oil available for Canines (dogs) as well as humans in a variety of sizes and strengths.  SAVE money by buying at Jagger's with our DISCOUNT pricing, and we have the product IN-STOCK.  >>>>>CLICK HERE for our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions)<<<<<




What is CBD Oil?  Does it come from a Marijuana plant?

The CBD oil is extracted from Hemp plants, not the Cannabis plants (known as Marijuana).  Both Hemp and Cannabis are different species of the same plant, Cannabis Sativa L.  They look very similar, but have different properties.  The oil extracted from Hemp contains CBD, without the THC, therefore the CBD oil from Industrial Hemp is non-psychoactive, (does not get you high) and due to the health benefits, CBD oil is legal in all fifty states.  There are differences in CBD oil based upon purity and the method of extraction from the plant.  PAWSE brand uses CO-2 extraction, which is the preferred method of extraction for quality control and purity.  It is also Non-GMO and 100% organic.  We sell the human strength CBD oil in 500mg and 1,000mg bottles.  It is also dosed, based upon your weight, and is great for human ailments like arthritis, pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

>>>Dogs Naturally Magazine published a "Buyers Guide" for CBD Oil - CLICK HERE <<

>>>>>CLICK HERE for our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions)<<<<<

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CBD is also Available in a Topical Salve Product


CBD Topical Salve can be applied directly to the skin of humans or pets. It is great for healing dry skin, paws, and noses.  It is also an aid for sore muscles, painful joints and arthritis.  It is available in 200mg and 500mg strength.

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