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There are a variety of reputable non-profit organizations and individuals available for the safe adoption of a rescue dog/puppy in southern Illinois.  An organization that we have worked with is "Mama V's Puppy Sanctuary & Rescue" in Jefferson County.  Over the past year, Mama V's have rescued many dogs from animal shelters and other undesired locales where the dogs were mistreated or scheduled to be euthanized. 

All dogs that are fostered by Mama V's (Debi Vincent) go through an assessment with a local veterinarian and are brought up-to-date on their shots/vaccinations as well as any other medical needs which are documented for potential owners.  The dogs can be adopted by a suitable homeowner upon submission and approval of an application process.  Those who adopt must also agree to "spay" or "neuter" their adopted puppy if that has not already been done.  Some of the rescue dogs available are adult dogs.  

Another local dog lover who has helped rescue a large number of dogs is Allison Brown Harris of Mount Vernon.  Allison and her husband, Marc, have also assisted many dog owners by offering and conducting "Micro Chipping" at a discount price to adopting parents as well as anyone else who would like to micro chip their current pet.  Allison is also currently leading an effort in Jefferson County to permit the adoption of Pit Bulls within the county.  While some people consider pit bulls to be an agressive dog, many studies show that the end result of their attitude is really the manner in which they are raised and the kind of home life they reside in.  This can be true with ANY breed of dog.  If a dog has good, responsible owners, who take care of their dog, it will be a good pet.  Dog Obedience Training is available at Jagger's Doggie Daycare for any breed of dog, including Pit Bulls, which are often the breed of rescue dogs found in this area.

Rescue dogs make such great pets because they just want to be loved and they become very loyal to the people who share that love with them.  Mama V's and Allison Brown Harris both set aside regular "adopt-a-day" events to make it conventient for potential new owners to see and meet the pets.  They each have a Facebook page with pictures of dogs currently looking for a forever home.  There is also a need for more "foster parents" who can keep a rescue dog in their home for awhile until a suitable forever home is found. 

For more information look for Allison Brown Harris or Debi Vincent on Facebook


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