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About Us

Jagger’s Doggie Daycare, LLC was born out of a need that was seen first-hand by the owners, Connie Olson & Randy Olson.  We realize that many couples work away from their home and leave their dog(s) home alone to fend for themselves.  This often results in various levels of “separation anxiety” for the pet.  Other dogs suffer from "boredom" when left alone and they misbehave based on those emotions.  Another concern is lack of exercise, which can add to the probability of dogs developing health issues sooner in life.

While some dogs tolerate the separation okay, others struggle with the lack of companionship and they begin to experience behavioral problems that causes them to destroy things or eat things that can harm them.  That is how we lost our dog, Jagger (pictured at left).  He had a terrible case of separation anxiety.  Jagger could not be crated while we were gone because he would hurt himself trying to get out.  So, since we let him have the run of the house, he would often find things to shred or destroy in an attempt to deal with his anxiety.  It wasn't because he was mad at us, it was because he loved us and wanted to always be with us. The separation anxiety took it's emotional toll on him. (This was also long before we knew about the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety)

When someone was at home, Jagger was just fine.  He was a very loving dog and never had any issues when we were home. He was content. One evening when we left for a few hours to go out and eat, we returned home to find that he had grabbed Connie's iPad from an end table and destroyed it, ingesting shards of broken glass, leather, and circuitry in the process.  We rushed him into an animal hospital for emergency surgery, but he died a few days later due to infection that developed in his intestines.  We believe that if a facility existed where he could spend a few days a week to become more socialized with other dogs and other people, he would likely still be alive and thriving in our home today.  Losing Jagger was our motivation to research, develop and open a place where dog lovers could bring their precious fur babies and enable them to enjoy time away from their owners, instead of dreading it.  We own two additional dogs who have had great experiences playing at Doggie Daycare facilities where we travel in Illinois, Missouri, Florida and Michigan.  They love it!

Spending just a few days a week at Jagger’s Doggie Daycare can improve the health, happiness, and attitude of your fur baby.  After a day at play with other dogs their size, they behave much better and they experience less stress in their life.  They will come home exhausted (in a good way) ready to relax and be lovable with you. Just like kids, your dog will eagerly look forward to attending Jagger's Doggie Daycare and will likely recognize where they are the moment you pull into the parking lot.  We have (5) different indoor playrooms for tiny, small, medium, and large dogs.  Plus, we have (3) incredible outdoor fenced-in play areas that all feature "Pet Turf" artificial grass made especially for dogs. This keeps dogs clean, and is much safer than facilitieis that use pea gravel or natural grass/dirt. We are very strict about vaccination records.  EVERY dog that comes into our facility for ANY service MUST be current on Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella vaccinations.  In addition, dogs coming in for Daycare or Boarding we also highly recommend the Canine Flu vaccine in addition to the other required vaccinations mentioned above.  Our vaccination policy is designed to keep your dog and ALL the dogs in our care, safe and healthy.  The outbreaks of Canine Flu in Chicago and St Louis 3 years ago resulted in many dead dogs.  That's why we take it seriously.  We vaccinate our own dogs for Canine Flu, and we certainly believe you should too, although we no longer require it.  But we still require Rabies, Bordetella, and the DHLLP combo vaccine.

Dogs are natural pack animals and they want to be around other dogs.  Leaving a dog home alone deprives the dog of the exercise they require and the socialization skills they need to be the best pet they can be.  Rest assured, we will treat your dog like our own.  If your dog has other behaviorial problems, we have a very experienced dog trainer who can help you.  We offer a FREE consultation the trainer by calling (618) 316-7021 to discuss the issues you are having with your dog.  Jagger's is now an authorized retailer of CBD Oil for Dogs which can help with anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, and tumor growth.

Learn about our Stress-Free Dog Grooming Services, Obedience Training Classes, and Overnight Dog Boarding.  Doggie Daycare’s are endorsed by many veterinarians and the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). We have affordable packages for Daycare which enable you to carry over your days from one month, to the next.  Ask us about special package discounts for multiple dogs owned by the same person.

Our Overnight Boarding accomodations truly set us apart from any other facility in the area.  Our boarding experience always includes FREE daycare and we have (5) different sizes of luxury Suites to choose from.  Each Suite includes air-conditioning, a cozy Kuranda bed, soothing sage green walls, and light jazz music.  Our Presidential Suites even include Cable TV.  Read more HERE.
We love dogs and have owned many breeds through the years, both large and small. We look forward to meeting your fur baby and welcoming them to the pack.  Stop by and visit Jagger's and give us an opportunity to be "your dog's home away from home."  Jagger's Doggie Daycare is a recognized member in good standing with the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA), as well as the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. We are active in the community we serve, and we contribute to many good causes.  Jagger's employs around 16 people.

We also stock & sell Nutro All-Natural dog food as well as All-Natural dog treats, dog toys, leashes, collars, beds, as well as the world famous "Bullibone" chews.   We recently expanded to add the "Sweet Treats Barkery" featuring home-style bakery treats for your fur baby.  They look great and dogs love them!



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You Can Find us at 414 Main Street in Mount Vernon
(Katty-Korner from Dairy Queen)

                                             Located at 414 Main Street in Mount Vernon


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